Thursday, February 5, 2009

Guess who's back?

Not me.

I have a ridiculous amount of things that I want to rant about but my tiny brain cannot filter them into coherent thoughts - plus i hate my job and don't want to think. Think, you're really hungry and can't get all that thick, oddly yellow, Velveeta cheese on those steaming noodles because you made the hole too small and you're too impatient to cut the hole larger because it would take too much time - delaying the eating part, see?

So slowly.

The republicans are evil. Transparently prioritizing their own agenda over the health of the country. Not that Obama is perfectly handling everything. Ugh, does anyone else want him to shut. up. with the "I made a mistake"? In the jungle you don't rub cooking grease all over your ass and run pass the lions. Can you just see the commercials in 4 years?!

Ominous voice, "Even he says he can't handle the job, he makes mistakes!" Dun dun dun

Anyway, I'm hungry.

Oh oh oh - Repubs determined to keep him from being successful because he is a Democrat...or a, ah African-American? ponder....

Ugh - - the simple genius of it all...

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