Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ugly shit is beautiful....

I brought the ugliest sheets from Macys this afternoon.

My coworker near dam threw up (him a bastion of "I don't pay rent and thus have plenty of disposable funds" fashion plate) when I picked them up. For some strange reason there is something irresistible about something on sale...and the challenge of making something ugly beautiful -- if only through my rose colored glasses...

2010-04-28 22.31.40.jpg
'--roll dog with ugly sheets'

Think this penchant for the ugly is an allegory to kebs?

me thinks so...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday morning...afternoon...trying to get into treme', cuz when you miss a few episodes you've missed the wave (Lost -- wanted to get on it, missed it)...

I had a bright idea. I should introduce the kitties to the world -- even the hated furry one soon to be gone one.

pose ocho
2010-04-25 12.50.28.jpg

don't run sasha...
2010-04-25 12.51.15.jpg

where's Casey?

So I skip down the steps expecting him to have his fat furry...booty on my face pillow and I was smacked with the deep intoxicating oder of cat piss. See cats don't pee - the strength of the oder -- they P.I.S.S; lord save us all.
2010-04-25 12.53.21.jpg
This (piss stain)however is not humorous.
Back story?

My kitty has been urinating in my bed. Vet says its to show me that something is wrong. 600 bucks later -- you know it, something is wrong. (didn't we already know that?)

What is it Ms. Vet? Uhm, all these tests and *gasp I don't know.

Suggestion: 400 bucks worth of xrays to check out his kidney(s).

Hey, I'm in social services moms reminds me. Sweety you can't afford this, its time to let him go. My roll dog, my partner in crime, my sleep mate, my cuddle buddy, my BFF who never betrays me, my furry annoying loving eat sleep shit mate??? Let go? Naw, nope, not, never going to do it...
2010-04-25 14.28.11.jpg