Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Op-Ed Columnist - Adults Only, Please -

When I grow up, in twenty or thirty years, I plan on being able to express my views like this. Wonderful exposition on my personal frustrations with the current selfish and greedy political moment.

Op-Ed Columnist - Adults Only, Please -

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I told you so..."a sea of change in gender relations within marriage"

it isnt just black women who are struggling with the issue of the wage gap between men and women
it isnt simply that black men cant get it together


apparently men are struggling with defining what it means to be a man outside of gender (and class and race and sexuality) based reified economic and social segregation and dominance....

update(1/20/10): A sea of change in gender relations across the world!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh boy Harry...

Isn't it okay to say that Harry Reid is a racist?

In the clear cut sense, no we can't say he (as an individual) is racist because racism is a structural societal value that determines class, i.e access to the 'life goods" - education, money, power. It means that one buys into the belief in the superiority of one race (white) over others (everyone else) and that 'belief' is built into who gets to go to which schools, who gets the promotion, who cops can regularly harass, etc.

We can easily say that he is a part of a society that is racist and that, although, he is an ally to equality that the [racist] sentiments are a part of who he is.

(Head cocked, bright yellow bulb)

Isn't it true that he was talking to, and about, the people whom Senator Obama would have to appeal to their votes. So wasn't he a racist talking to... racists? Aren't we the ones who are more comfortable around light skin blacks than dark skin? Are we more likely to talk to and desire to emulate a person who speaks proper English rather than....negro dialect??? I just fell into "tongue in cheek".

What the hell is 'Negro" dialect Harry? Broken English? That's racist. We don't want the dregs of mis-education to be inherently associated with African, Black and other Americans of Color -- who knows who 'Negro' actually refers to, I've never met one. While you are probably not 'an advocate of racism' and may not really believe that your "own race is superior to another" -- you most certainly get a bit too close to "the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities" with the negro dialect comment for my own comfort.

But that's just the thing. I want people to stop pretending they aren't racist and say that they are and are trying to work on their particular contribution to keeping it alive behind the scenes. Then we could have a real (effective?) conversation about what racism is and the roles we all play in it, scrape it out of the hidden crevices and into the light where it will finally wilt from exposure. Then we wouldn't have to be properly chastised by the Liz Cheney's of the world...ugh...seeing truth coming out of her mouth stings...

Monday, January 11, 2010

One, and I mean 1, thought on relationships with black men...

Apparently, everyone is talking about this. I'm sorry this isn't more interesting....I'm soooo over the staid and over referenced conversation but I feel the need to address the video since I brought it up --- oh regret regret!!!

I've read blog after blog after blog discussing this woman and the situation(?) in general (might be why i'm tired of it?). One guy was pretty funny(on second thought - it wasn't funny), suggesting that facial hair is the cause of the chasm between men and women in the community. Everybody I know has mentioned it or forwarded me the video about "Ms. Trauma", as I am calling her - and by everyone I mean, all my black girlfriends(wink).

Ms. Trauma has issues. She is the 'problem' that every black man talks about. Ugh. She is the voice for nothing and no one except the population of people who would benefit from therapy....!

Watching the evil John Yoo on Stewart -- can't concentrate...BRB!

Whoa, disingenuous. America doesn't torture -- didn't torture(?) sigh.


My brief thoughts on a conversation that seems strangely irrelevant and narcissistic in the face of the reality of world know, starvation, xenaphobia, war, death and such.

2. According to the law of a dwindling commodity [yeeeah I made that up]...doesn't this mean that black men (super in demand already) will be able to act as immature and arrogant and privileged as they like without any apparent consequences? [My co-workers response to this information, arms over his head, fist balled, he declares, "I am the SHIT!"] And what happens when our men are no longer 'required' to remain monogamous? Or do the hard work of relationships because they can just hop and skip to the next woman who will take whatever they can get...(kinda like some of them are doing now). Now that I think about it, my co-worker is "the Shit"...he is educated, tall, handsome, financially stable -- and doesn't date black women (little punch in the kidney for you can sleep of course). Back to my point, what happens when we out number them 12 to 1!

Eternal immaturity?
Ultimately unfulfilling relationships?
Further weakening of communal ties
because of an increasing focus on the self over the family?
I duuno - Can't tell the future...possible futures??? [nerd moment]
Before I get yelled at -- many will choose to the mature path and they know that ultimate fulfillment and expression of masculinity lies in honesty and commitment -- but...the majority won't - commence the yelling.

Ultimately, if you know me, you already know that I think this is an over simplification of an important historic moment regarding gender roles and the significance of marriage in relationship to those drastically changing roles....Hmmmm, short and sweet - - let's see....basically this...most of those women (you know the 30 year marriage, sacrifice for family over self, etc etc.) would have been out the door if they could have had a real education, been able to have property in their names, been able to keep custody of their children, would not have been ostracized from their community, been able to keep their last names, been able to have a bank account with their name, etc etc etc -- all the things we take for granted grandmother never had access to.

Now we do. So we can leave. They couldn't. Simple. Done.


Read it -

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A quick reflect on the Nigerian Terrorist...

So you mean to tell me that all I had to do to get my wonderful French crunchy butter on the dam plane was to stick it in some special underwear?


a bomb but not butter...

I mean, you can't make this stuff up...the stupidity is astounding.