Saturday, July 31, 2010

Poetry...I swear Welela made me get it finally...

I have this girl. A women. Well, two of 'em. There's Welela and there's Tasha. I never enjoyed poetry (much) and they live it. I used to listen to Tasha read her stuff and think...that's really beautiful but why don't you just say what you lube...just spit it out. A pretty lace mask for you to hide behind, that poem.
Walela lives poetry. Before I stayed in her space (and didn't want to leave) I didn't get it, in her cubby looking out on the eiffel tower she and Tasha clicked into place for me.

After so many years it wasn't until I was up at 515 in the morning looking at the sun begin to tickle the tower did I understand that sometimes things don't fit into essay form, sometimes pain goes outside the lines, and look at all the pretty scraps that you might have left behind.

I get that there is no long form to explain how it feels to sit on the train with so many arms, uncovered, and smells and erykah (timesawastin) and feel something that won't obey the periods and commas. It makes more sense to think of yourself, a movie short, in a whirlwind surrounded with people by yourself wondering if you're scared, loney or hungry.


Thursday, July 22, 2010


Currently giving birth to self. Will return with finished product.
ra/dictated but not read.

Friday, July 16, 2010

On Blackberries OR why my life might be boring....

This is what I think those people furiously typing on their blackberries at all times of the day are talking about...
This is a friday afternoon conversation...the reason why I pay an extra 30 bucks a month so that I can have email on my cellphone[obviously smh]:
articia to me
show details 3:07 PM (13 minutes ago)

Damn, I need an extreme make over!
Thinking abt. Doing something drastic, with my hair. Not sure what yet....
Action without study is fatal. Study without action is futile."
Rebekah A. to articia
3:13 PM (8 minutes ago)
from Rebekah A. <>
 3:13 PM (8 minutes ago)

 me too. probably a weave....i'ma die from the heat
live,laugh,love - sent from my google phone
articia to me
show details 3:17 PM (6 minutes ago)

Lol....I'm thinking of cutting hair and coloring it?.....
Action without study is fatal. Study without action is futile."
Rebekah A. to articia
show details 3:24 PM (0 minutes ago)

are we really having this conversation on email??? lol. drinks tonight!!!!
live,laugh,love - sent from my google phone
Happy weekend folks!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why I love Solange Knowles...

 so normally I DO hate on the rich and famous because i'm not them. but i am not ashamed to admit that i have been loving myself some grown up soul sista Solange - talk about coming into her own....

09: obviously love the 'fro -- i should cut mine again...
08: loving the shoe game...she makes me want to go shopping..(student loans..focus on the big picture)
07: seriously...I have a meetings to go to and uhmm make things happen

I do plan on emulating the easy breezy lovelovelove yourself cuz your rich and beautiful....well beautiful anyway...

(off running to make it happen - captin'')

Also: mine!