Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm a slacker 2

I only said 2 because Adiva beat me to the punch in revealing her 'slackness' in posting. However, I think something else is going on since I happen to have a couple of already written posts (its a long subway ride to work) that I just haven't 'posted'...what, what could it be...a sudden desire to not post?

At this moment I would guess that I have reached a critical mass of having shown too many people my blog and have gotten blogshy. Its kinda like when you know that someone is watching you take your test and then that thought prevents you from doing anything else - - including taking the test.

What if my ideas don't make sense? What if I'm wrong...? as though those things don't happen anyway - - forgive my ego, its omniscient, has its own zip code, and always get underfoot. It is under pressure, my ego, with the thoughts of attending Graduate school, which is the most significant decision I have made in the last year. At least I know why I 'stalled' - clarity is beauty, yes? I will keep you posted buuuuuut I wanted to share this article... sooo now the banks can't take the houses back because they have been split into so many pieces that they can't come back to take the houses they sold? Isn't this crazy?!?! So you keep your house because it's not even worth enough for the bank to foreclose on it - - but you can't have it back until it's destroyed by vandals...What is this world we are living in?? We need Jesus!

BTW - heroes was excellent 2night.

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  1. but you are smart and funny and great. your public wants more!!!