Monday, April 13, 2009


Black women and feminism...

I have to say this quickly.
I'm at work and for some reason they don't care about theory here.

Being a feminist doesn't mean that I can't expect my male partner to protect me, provide for me, etc.

Everybody knows my 'formerly' personal philosophy ...

Don't bring your feminism into the bedroom.

There are lots of things 'feminists' would not do that you might like. (smile)

(Wouldn't that suck?!)

Seriously, there are places we haven't teased and searched yet in order to describe the place that feminists/womanist theory and politics have in our bedrooms, living rooms, and such. There is a crazy amount of hidden "femiguilt" (same as white liberal guilt but with woman - don't cha' just love interchangeable labels?!) that we need to let go and live our lives!

It's okay to perm your hair and cook dinner for your man!

There. I. said. it.

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