Monday, July 13, 2009

The Sotomayor Hearings...real quick..

God I wish were home to watch this myself, but I'm stuck partially working and reading the live blogging with -- at least I have that...

I restate this with hilarity because you'll see the irony right away...

From the laughable Sen. Sessions:

“Like the American people I have watched this process for a number of years,” he said, “and I fear this empathy standards is another step down the road to a liberal activist, results-oriented and relativistic world where – laws lose their fixed meaning, unelected judges set policy; Americans are seen as members of separate groups rather than simply Americans, and where the constitutional limits on government power are ignored when politicians want to buy out private companies. …."

While that quote is full of jaw dropping irony -- I, simplistically (sorry it's Monday morning), think its laugh out loud funny that he thinks we think that he considers us all Americans and not part of the group.

Really? We are all just god fearing neighborhood loving friendly Americans to you Mr. Sessions?!?

I'm not buying it.

It burns my tithers when folks claim "we're all Americans" in the effort to keep a member of a minority group from power......really it burns them to dust...

[Oh oh before I forget -- don't know whats going on? Sharkfoo has this really cool explanation of the players...]

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