Friday, July 29, 2011

Vacation was less than a dream...

I normally look forward to going someplace I have never been before. I love to GET there. Traveling? Not so much. I hate the anticipation of BEING there. I hate the stress and complication of the travel - the waiting - the monotony of the flight, the cab, the check-in. I live for the moment I drop my bags in their corner/home for the week/s and run out the door, tying the top of my bikini as I fly out the door. I land, flat footed in the sand, and sashay to the closes (read:safe looking, read:cute) local to find out everything I must do and "oh can you also take me and my friends there with you?"

Transitions, however, have taken a toll on my normal mode of travel. Let's see. I moved and doubled my living expenses - all of them. In exchange, I get a blissfully quiet, clean and peaceful sanctuary that I only have to share with whom I please, WHEN I please. BING - worth it. I am quitting my longtime steady (though unfulfilling) job to attend school. I suppose it isn't what I dream about (learning a new language and leaving only to visit home in the summers, tan, thin and rich) but it'll do. Lastly, I have a boyfriend - a total sweetheart who insists on not doing what I want when I want it. Eh, I'll get over it (or pretend anyway).

So I laid all of that out to say - I'm broke and couldn't afford my normal mode of travel. So we road tripped it. I'm not sure why I thought it was smart to EXTEND the part of travel I hate to go...NOWHERE. If I spend ten hours traveling I better be someplace where they don't speak my language as their first language!

I'm not complaining - I promise. I totally spent the week with my favorite cousin, favorite friend, and favorite nephew. It was enlightening. It was adventurous. LOL - and ultimately boring as far as vacation goes. Atlanta, while beautiful and intriguing (soo many black people) struggled to be interesting. This meant though that I spent much of my time paying attention to my friends and family and my relationship with them.

So I'm back, not rested and wearing my bikini(mourning it's non-use) in the dark while writing and waiting for the man to get here. I took a shower and put special lotion on - it's important to smell good when being thoughtful about re-centering.

Hello again, did I mention I missed you? Until next time.

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