Friday, November 4, 2011


I'm chilling in the resource room bumping Al Green's Here I am baby...

(come and take me..take me by the hand)

Loving, loving what I'm doing. I don't normally say I'm lucky, or even worse, blessed. Mainly because I feel the presence of good fortune rests on a shaky foundation and if you bring attention to it it will fall - egg to concrete. Don't test it. Don't look forward to it. Don't expect it. And be grateful when it shows up.

Yet right now?

Even through Everything that has happened. I feel snug as a bug in a rug in the bosom of God's goodwill. It may not last but it's here right now.

and seriously right now - i am truly exhausted. all week i have gone home and gone directly to sleep. do not pass go. do not watch the daily show (well, watch as teeth brushing is commencing). do not call the beau (who was busy anyway). ocho snuggle. star gate universe. sleep. oversleep. start over.

Last week I was surrounded by loved ones and etcs moving and such but my recovery time for upheaval in the hierarchy (see.below) is slloooowwwinnng down. Never mind I haven't been able to afford my bounty of fruits and veggies...Never mind all my meats are pumped full of crap because I can't afford the good stuff. At least I haven't gotten sick.

Social work moment:

Yeah, see the safety and physical needs? uhm yeah. fiddling with those sucks. Hey you watching out for these things yourself? Required assignment to keep from ending up on my couch....

Anyhoo - I'm home. Home in my cheap apt. and so much so home in my placement. I had an hour discussion with supervisor about how to get into this world in two years...the starting salary is sweeeeeet. I love working with these kids. Maybe I won't like all kids. But these kids? They make me feel like I'm supposed to be here working with them. I've had some set backs with kiddies shutting down and withdrawing. I've had some amazing successes as well with some of the most difficult kids showing remarkable improvement (and honestly, who knows rebellious smartalecky kids who read too much better than me?). It is truly a joy - and isn't this why I went through all of the drama for the last two years?

I suppose so.

(msw cousin paving the way for the mswdr. movement - get ready!)

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