Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Grammar - one of my weaknesses, my fears.

I swear correct grammar has been the bane of my existence, the cause of my mediocrity; I may be succumbing to the dramatic possibly but the emotional tie is no less real. I never understood what those little red circles and slashes meant. Their only point -- to make me feel horrible and utterly unable to communicated a coherent idea...

Well, I triumphed today. In a year that has been filled with self-doubt, self- revelation, self- just ugh a bright spot appeared...

I read the Time's grammar blog and was able to spot and correct the commonly made mistake. A common occurrence for you - a magnificent moment of self-awareness for me!!

Andrew Clark, a geneticist who works on the Y chromosome at Cornell University, said the Y’s fast turnover of DNA could effect the activity of genes throughout the genome, because just such an effect has been detected in laboratory fruit flies.

cool right?
it's the small things, let me have a moment :)


and how quickly do those moments of triumph last? but moments my dear. moments.

Can someone tell me what *ell this sentences means????
Researchers at the University of Aberdeen found that when people were asked to engage in a bit of mental time travel, and to recall past events or imagine future ones, participants’ bodies subliminally acted out the metaphors embedded in how we commonly conceptualized the flow of time.

What metaphor is embedded in how we conceptualized the flow of time? WHAT......???? Ugh - going to lunch.

** out to lunch **

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