Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reprinted with permission....

I was going to post, Hello March! but I'm not going to.
I then going to post, Look at my fly ass boots! but I'm not going to be able to.
I am also not going to get philosophical and explain why what I'm going to post touched me because it didn't (Many many walls activated). I'm also not going to talk about the courageousness of one of my students because it is probably evident. But I suspect that this flyer was put in my hands at this moment for a reason - I'm just going to share it with you like she asked me to.

Newsletter of the Day

"Young teens that are selling their body females - males. The system
knows what's going on and they don't want to help. I've been to courthouses even
tried to get a 'pins' warrant on her to help but no luck. I also called ACS on
myself for help but again no luck. So now I feel that I have to take this into
my own hands and try to stop this. My Lord, please give me the faith to
strand strong and firm as I walk thru with your blood. Give me the
strength to go on this journey.

Ladies and gentle men there are things that I would like to share with you
about what is going on in the world, all over the world that I'm trying to put a
stop to. I feel the more I reach out, the more I can get help. There's something
I've been going thru. My teenage daughter is a runaway and she is also selling
her body. Mother, sisters, fathers, uncles and aunts there are pimps around
these kids schools that are pimping out these young teens. Not only the females
also the males!! Keep an eye on your teens, please check their rooms, their books
and things that you may not expect. Keep them off of the Internet unless you
check what they are doing at all times.

I never thought my child was prostituting and it hurt me to my stomach to
find out what she is doing. I'm not here for your sympathy. I'm not embarrassed
by what I'm telling you all because it is not only helping my child, I think it will
help to benefit your child 2. I would like to help all the young teens here and
all over. Ladies and gentlemen, there is no need to whisper and stare. If you
feel that you would like to speak to me, you are more than welcome. I feel this
should be a time that we all as people need to come together and help out young
teenagers who are in digress and are going through the same situations. I feel
that we need to start now. If anyone has anything to share that would help
me please do not hesitate to come forward and talk to me."

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