Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer nights, jokes and therapy...


I haven’t been around, no? I have been taking deep breaths of honey suckle scented summer days and walking around my town until my once smooth and lotioned feet looked like they’d been dragged through the Sahara

- ‘ashy’

(pocket lotion, look into it).

I spent some nights smacking at big bugs (and always missing… where is that old man from karate kid when you need him?) while looking out over a lake and suffering through the fluffy brain numbing sequel that was SATC2. But more importantly, I’ve been spending quality time with my girls and learning about myself…fun times (can you smell the sarcasm?)

Lately we’ve been spending time sharing and comparing dates stories…well bad date stories – those are the best – did I tell you about the one with the Jamaican guy with the [huge] mole who hates educated black women because he feels like they sell out the movement to bring down the Europeans? No? Bookmark that one…

We were trying to figure out when does everyone think it’s the best or appropriate time for the first kiss and dam it if I’m not some sort of prude (by accident of course). Girls answer: When you feel it! Second date! First date no tongue! Guy answer: As soon as she lets you (uhm yeah, that wasn’t a surprise) – I was thinking really? I thought it was like the third date or something – LOL – whoops. I guess Jamaican guy was right…I’m a spark killer, (no buddy, your mole with the pores and the hair growing out of them was the spark killer…). So now I’m the girl who waits until she meets you’re mom before she kisses – thanks for the joke Jas. Now what crazy thing will I have to do to get rid of that reputation!?!! (wink)


  1. oh, I am sure you will find something...but really first date/ no tongue?? second date? and dudes, really???
    but what about the placement of said kiss...as in kiss on the hand or the peck on the cheek versus kissing on the collarbone? sigh, any timeframe mentioned for that??

  2. rules are outdated... go with your gut! i really did not think kissing on the first date was something anyone really thought about anymore... funny post!