Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nice save Yahoo articles...

because if they hadn't put that 'please don't get mad at us" preface there would be a few (*wink) pissed black women deleting their yahoo accounts!

Getty Images
Getty Images

10. Hair extensions

African American women have supplemented their own hair for decades by weaving in sleek, natural-looking faux-hair pieces—usually to quite beautiful-looking effects. Not so much for the white gals, especially the blondes, who, since around 2000, have used Rapunzel-length weaves that have been bleached to a hay-like consistency and look like mangled princess wigs that were once maintained by a group of toddlers. The worst perpetrator of this hair trend has to be Britney Spears, who has famously walked around, ill-groomed and with half of her extensions falling out.

Other terrible white-girl weaves of the past decade: Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Brooke Hogan, Amy Winehouse.

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