Friday, November 5, 2010

For colored girl - I couldn't wait!!!

8:18 pm   Why did everyone in one section start screaming when the man on man sex act in the alley way happened....oh boy.... far so good...

8:28 pm Whoopie goldberg has got her mojo working...she is oscar amazing....

8:46 pm And thandie is killing it too. Love love love her....oookay so the illegal abortion is coming up and really....I'm not ready....mayce gray...I'm not ready.

8:55 pm I wonder, right now, am I a coward. I slipped out the room with the sounds of sad cries at my back. I can always sense the rape scene. They make me sick to my stomach and never leave my mind. Am I supposed to watch them out of some kinda solidarity? I dunno. I'm not doing it. I'll just sit out here and talk to you until I'm sure its over. I'll miss the whole movie before I watch that. I entertainment right? Educational, truth? Maybe i'll watch it when I know what to do with it.

I think I can go back in now.

9:27 pm  So while whoopie says her father molested her ..."he said I'm ugly"...they laughed
When she smeared her fallen daughter with blood,
They. Laughed.....
But it isn't funny right arty?
Why are they laughing....?

Post Op... Full disclosure... I haven't read the bible book. So I came to the play without the emotional connection that many have with the text. Much the same way that I have never watched Hally butcher 'their eyes were watching god' and am eternally grateful that my soul text (Mama Day) is much too obscure for anyone to bother fucking up on the big screen with their myopic and 'some other group''- centric interpretation of the main points - all that being said to say - I get it.

But I didn't read the book - so I thought it was okay.

It wasn't good.

It was too melodramatic. It was too caramel colored. It was too permed. It was too long legged and slimmed hipped.  Too many people laughed at the wrong places - at the pain on whoopie's non-caramel face as she discussed her molestation by her father. I blame Tyler. Too many things mushed up against each other with soapy soap opera music...equals dummies missing the point and laughing at the pain.

But it felt like truth up there on the screen. My story was being told and not the abridged version. I felt soothed and loved and encouraged and affirmed. So thank you universe for placing this bit in my life...right now..when I most needed. 

I still hate  dislike you strongly tyler perry. For creating Madea. I'll forgive you one day. When you take off the wig, the dress, and the fake boobs for good. and then when god tells me to...that's when I'll forgive you. until know how it goes.

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