Sunday, January 8, 2012

The End

i have always loved endings. for me, logically, they signal rebirth. sometimes a love of endings causes me to yearn for them when things get a tickle in them. i work to stay in the dirtiest places least until i know i'm not running - but transitioning. there is a difference, you know. here on this blog - i am prepared to transition. this blog has represented a will for me. it started as a way to bring a friendship together with dreams of being famous. at the heart of it was my secret desire to be a better writer. this has been accomplished. having completed a tough semester at school - i see my style and my voice as a writer all over my work. it brings me great joy to recognize how far i have come.

but all things change. the voice of this blog has become muddled. the purpose and dedication is therefore different. what goes where and the fear of the 'overshare' loom mightily. i am looking to find a way to get back to my more political writing side. my momentum faltered after a friend ruined my computer and i was never able to quite pick back up to that speed. my fault entirely. so i intend to keep sharing my writing. definitely with a larger audience but personal blob is finished.

thank you for reading and being my audience for the past four years.