Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Not Like Crazy...

It would be an impossible task to encapsulate the inexplicable drag, drop, explosion of a fucked ass year this was.

This afternoon I was sitting in the computer lab chilling with my girl Shauna, whispering Jill...

what you do is crazy baby, not like you belong in an asylum, crazy baby, like sun in morning, i'm astounded by your love for me...

and I suddenly couldn't kick this flood of relief. It was


of the panic attack I had last Friday contemplating the moment of revelation.

I looked up and to the left to welcome an old friend home.


See, cuz, like, the world is over and everything is working out.

everything is checking out, sir.

my little girl is sitting in a field of flowers wearing a cotton dress with blue, red, and yellow stripes. The straps are tied tight with little bows and  her hands are nasty with the sap of dandelion flowers. She is elated by the sun dancing over the leaves...

nothing else matters right now.

deep breath.

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