Monday, May 7, 2012

through friendship...

I went home last week.
and because my home is a mausoleum (and my mother a hoarder)
there were things that were posted on my wall from the 1992.
19 fucking 92.
There was this poster I ripped out from seventeen magazine...
I wasn't seventeen.
It was a 'how to' be a good friend. I ripped it out and put in on my wall...
I wonder what made me find that article important. I guess it touched a part of me.
the inside me whom I didn't know juuust yet.
Well, I think in so many ways that article gave me the basis of who I was going to be.
I would cultivate people and discover relationships that would save my life and my sanity
those are not the same thing
so many times over and over.
Those friendships would be my source of strength and creativity...
I laugh when people tell me I'm strong or smart or cleaver...
I stole all that from the people who love. me.

1 comment:

  1. meaning your theft was an indication of your cleverness? :) love ya! (i steal from you all the time!)