Friday, October 3, 2008

Admit it... It's okay we were all dissapointed...

Okay -

She didn't fall on her face and give you fits of disbelief and insane giggles like the Katie Couric interview.

I must say that it was important for me that she did fall on her face. Not for my own sense of the evil pleasure at someone else's, who happens to be evil, humiliation but so that when she states lies - okay, mischaracterizations - [like Obama has voted for tax increases 94 times] we can appropriately place that statement in the, "oh yeah, the woman with her face planted in the floor said that" file. In other words ignore her she is, at the very least, an idiot.

Let me dig up some numbers for you - I love the Internet....lets go
23 of those votes would not have resulted in a tax increase for anyone
7 were in favor of a tax increase for for many
11 would have increased taxes for people who made over 1 million bucks
the rest? repeat votes...

It does not need to be stated that we have moved from a place of communal disagreement - meaning that we disagree about our 'shared future' as a common people - to a place were we no longer plan on coming together as a people. We knowingly misrepresent the truth to win at the expense of community. You lie to your people to stay in power? As though you won't have to then be in community with the very same people you lied to and about. Am I making any sense? No?

One does not lie on one's own family - in this case the family being America - because it causes irreparable harm to the relationship between those two parties. What kind of person doesn't care about the affects of their own actions?!!! I'm an sadden to think that we have revealed the fissures of hate and intolerance between us and have no way to heal them. We kinda need like a uhm a therapist for the country...yeah, a big comfy couch for us to sit on and talk about our feelings.

It could go like this: Rebekah, Let's start with how you feel about your people being dragged over here to build an empire that they would not be able to participate in for 250 years....

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