Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ostrich syndrome

So I have decided that none of this matters anymore.
My impotence intolerance quotient has blown its top and has popped like the proverbial muscle cramp in that fleshy sensitive part of my thigh.

I figure I don't have any credit to lose, I don't have a mortgage, I'm at the bottom of the "who do we have to get rid of" recession list at my job, and my job is as recession proof as possible (gov't funded baby!!!). So I have taken to silently shaking my fist at Cspan and then gouging myself on movies...

The Duchess - overall great, rape scene spoiler alert (I am still shuttering)
The Brave One - black man saves white women, lacked substance (still rolling my eyes)
Ghost Rider - So bad it was good, (still wondering if nick cage will ever do a movie where he can hold up his head...)
Revolver - Guy Ritchie does it again, (seriously, the
The Emperor and the Assassin - Gong Li is always great

I could go on, sadly, I really could go on but you get my point....I mean there isn't anything else to do in this dark hole I've got my head stuck in.

Cant wait for THURSDAY... oh boy oh boy... this is one debate I might need company for...

and on tap for tonight's dark hole of denial:

Pushing Daisey's (seriously excellent intelligent clothes, I mean show - ha)
ANTM (excellent season, will it still spark without the head held high trannie???!?)
The Spanish Prisoner (supposed to be like 'the usual suspects' - a big shoe to fill...)

I should clean this hole, I think we're going to be here a while.

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