Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bailout my ass - vestiages of bush's corruption..

Does anyone besides me remember being told that we were naive about the economy? Do you remember being told that we would enter into an all encompassing depression if we didn't pass this notoriously unpopular, sneaky, slimy, underhanded welfare to the banks?

If we don't get these toxic assets off the books then we will suffer untold horrors...that's what they said. Anybody who doesn't know that is living in fairytale land....

But, uh, wait.... Let's leave those toxic assets on there and do something else with the money...say buy stocks, no, uh, hold half of it and see how this works out....

Seriously, is a n y b o d y else tired of being lied to?

Did you see the Senate questioning of the bank execs as they tried to explain why they were still paying bonuses? The one guy, literally a 'fat' cat, said something like "we weren't using tax payers money we were using other money!"


Cats have really big balls... It was lovely to see the dem get in that 'you know what', however impotently...

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