Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm pissed off vol.1

1) I am pissed that people are criticising Obama...haha...for using Washington insiders in his cabinet. First; every Washington democrat has worked or somehow been affiliated with the Clintons period! There is a difference between having 'worked' for them and being a Clintonian duh! AND, working presently for a government institution, you don't get ANYTHING done without insiders, as much as you would like to dream it can be done another way; you just make those fat cats work for you - - it is possible... (forgive the grammer - I'm going all post-modern grammer today)

2) I am tired of people assuming they know what Black Feminists professed to believe or work that we have accomplished without ever having READ a frickin book by a black feminist. It is the absolute height of ignorance - like - could you be more Sarah Palin?

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