Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Facebook and minding your business...

Every once in a while I am reminded about someone from my past. It might be an old field hockey teammate who hit me up on my page or it might be another chick my bf says he is 'friends' with and so I skedaddle over to their facebook page to check them out. Usually I am so frustrated!

There simply isn't enough information on folks on there! I mean, first why do they have those privacy things anyway? I want to see the full body shots with full access to pics (are they fat now? do they have children? are they married? where do they vacation?). The face shot and the note "This person doesn't share information with your nosey ass" gets on my nerves.

Where is the section (and they should add this) for how much they make yearly? And whom they are dating? Are they happy? Do they own a house? Are they even in a relationship? Are they still friends with so and so? Etc. All of these ideas I'm going to send to that rich dude a.s.a.p.

At the same time, I am very close to the chest with my facebook page. I always say because I have everyone on there (unhappily - but how do you refuse a friend request??). I have business contacts, professors, mentors, pastors, church members, etc! I can't just go around saying whatever I like willy nilly! I will definitely be judged for what I say on there!! And what about people who just want to know my business like am I fat now? Do I have children? Am I married? Where do I vacation? - I mean seriously, folks need to stay out of my business!

To that end - believe you me, I will never put any personal information on facebook or myspace for that matter - because of my business contacts....

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