Wednesday, April 27, 2011

He released a birth certificate - now what?

Unlike many of my liberal and progressive friends, all of whom thought that the birther controvesy was now over with the release of the long form by the prez this morning, I understood - prophetically, cuz I'm genious like that, - it would not end here.  Actually I had hoped that it would end but the farcical continuation wasn't truly confirmed until this afternoon while I was listeing to NPR. Did you hear the responses? We'll  have to inspect this paper? And why wasn't it given out before this? And why doesn't it look like my birth certificate?

NPR spoke deep to me this morning. During the morning call in show a caller pointed out the fact that he felt that this was simply the way that racist people are able to "other Obama" and make him "not one of us" an "outsider" "not American", etc.  I thought, "Yes!" In my mind I understood that was the logical missing part of the puzzle. If you simply replace the "he's not American" slogan with Nigger theeeeeen the refusal of this group to desist the idiocy in the fact of proof makes sense. Birthers and the rest of the human race are unknowingly having difeerent conversations - we are talking about the legitamacy of the proof anf they are talking the actuality of him being a Nigger. It's not about the proof or the paperwork.

You can't prove he isn't a nigger to these people*, can  you? In fact I'm sure, if taken seriously, you couldn't actually scientifucally prove someone isn't a slur. I mean, what experiement or paperwork could you produce to show that one isn't a faggot or a bitch - etc. Those arguements are outside of the realm of logical and that's why logical responses don't work on these people.

*I mean we do carry Black cards but I don't think think those are accepted outside of the black community.

See? Doesn't the illogicality :) of those convercations make a bit more sense?  Now that I think on it that way - trump needs his ass kicked. and I'm not  watching appretice anymore - not even to see NENE go off on Star...dang...

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