Sunday, April 10, 2011

Guess what?

Bekabug has a boyfriend. Officially and confirmed. Sweet. I'm psyched. You won't find this information on Facebook - I think that too much personal information, No?

Well La Di Dah. We went to Carmines, our back in the day regular spot. So I'm sitting here on my bed cracking up because when the TV plays music he kinda rocks back and forth and dances even though he is sleep! - music truly is in his soul.

The conversation went great, even when we talked about the where should this thing should go should it work...AKA..are you looking for a wife or not sucka? -- I'm still working on that softening technique. But I'm still me and that must be a beautiful thing, to someone, somehow -- well I like it ;). BUT we are on the same page - no pressure (caveat4u-smile).

I wish I were open enough to talk about him out loud...isn't that too sappy? and so Jill Scott "flashing her diamond" five years before the regrettable demise of that same marriage?? Chante's got a man that's...gone??? Right, don't want to jinx it. He definitely will eventually one day post comments here since he reads regularly (even when its too long) and he is into politics just as  much as I am(points)...maybe I can get him to be a feminist (dreams). Sigh. I feel lucky so that's gotta be a good sign.

(Why is Latoya dressed like she is commanding an army??? It's project manager not general silly!)


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