Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm a Republican *Ack!

Uhm, so - I think I agree with the Republicans.

My broke behind is not identifying with the rich in order to forget my own circumstances - likewise with race, i.e I hang out with white people; therefore, I am... I still think the Defense of Marriage document is a load of bull, and frankly, against the American ideals of freedom and self-expression -- and other shit that isn't any ones business but your own.

But socialism in Wall street?! I'm afraid not bub...tap that vein and stick in the mind numbing, thought stealing, common sense eroding, community damming republican juices. Yum... (although, if it's an I.V, I wouldn't be able to taste that, now would I?)

I was listening to NPR this morning and this economist guy - former Treasury before the guy we've got now - says we don't have to give them a dime, simply guarantee the bonds for the price they will be worth at maturity. Benake plans on paying Wall street an established price anyway (the pea that began this mess) so simply say that the government backs them and that will liquefy the market.

Such simplicity! Such clarity! Such transparency! (what?! no back,side,front, outside, inside deals?!)

"Anybody in Washington thinking of this plan?" asked the Mr. Lopane

"Uh, no"

Exactly - crooked bastards.

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