Monday, September 15, 2008

Lastly--American Divides

i think it is important to point out that although the republican strategy is divisive, it is merely a reflection of the very real [racial] division that was always there. these small towns that everyone is talking about, the "low-information" voter is such by choice. the decision to "believe" that obama is a muslim and that his first birth certificate is a fake (and i will get that citation for you) is a willing choice. they are not "stupid" or low information, they are racist.

What obama has unwilling brought to the forefront is a conversation about race that america refuses to confront - and although he wants to be post racial - we are not. We shall see on 11/04 just how far we have come since my grandmother, as a little girl in the south, had to get into the street if a white woman was walking toward her on the side walk.


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