Monday, September 15, 2008

why women can't have it all...

listen - on my way to work this morning i had to hear meridith v. hosting a discussion about why it's so hard for women to have both a career and a family. no one understands why this is a conversation that only women have to have and not men blah blah blah sexism blah blah other nonsensical words and thoughts.

uh duh, we, women, struggle to have it all because men don't pull their weight.

i read a study - no i'm not citing it, this isn't the new york times - that said that when women get married they increase their household work 6 hours... - and get this - men decrease theirs by 2 hours...

its simple - my sisterhood of the traveling intellects - men were able to do both because women stayed home and raised the family. as we moved into the world of work we were expected to both pursue our careers AND the traditional women's roles without the same support. of course you can't do both!

it means that we need to call men out for not being equal partners in the tending of the house and career.

and let me say this - this shit is an issue for middle class mostly white women - black women have been working and taking care of their children, alone, since slavery... welcome to our world sisters.

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