Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama waffles

So have you seen this one? I wanted to just say "enough said" and go watch 'The Biggest Loser', but it isn't enough. I can't say enough about the fact that we are a racist country.

When interviewed, the inventors of this product noted that it was not meant to be racist - they simply thought it was a great way to play up the fact that Obama changes his stance on different policies - his 'waffling'. They even pointed out that they 'loved' Aunt Jemima pancakes and thus it was a compliment to place his face on the box - I suppose the reason why Republicans 'believe' obvious lies, that keep getting repeated until they become truth, is because they do the same thing in their daily lives! - a fucking compliment...they weren't even cracking a smile when they said it.

Never mind that you can't see the caricature of Michelle on the other side, never mind the demeaning history of Aunt Jemima and the obvious cooning highlighted with those pictures, never mind the fact that they enlarged his lips and made them shiny, never mind the insensitivity of using a painful memory of an entire portion of the united states as humor - this is a painful dehumanizing mockery of a man who deserves to be respected. To make history in the way he has, to fundamentally change the way people will campaign for the highest office in our nation forever, to come from a group of people who remain marginalized and discriminated against, means that he gets placed in a category of veneration.

The need and desire to tear this man down, to denigrate him in this fashion truly comes from a vicious spirit - a spirit that needs to believe in the portrait painted on the side of that box. There is an identity whose existence requires that people of color remain that caricature and not the President of the United States of America. What would these racist do, in their small towns (although don't think for a moment that I don't know they are on the train with me, chilling in Saks with me, getting an 8$ latte with me), if they had to face the reality of black intelligence, of black humanity?!? That's the real fight here, and that explains the true source of the viciousness in this campaign - it is a fight for ones identity, the ability of one to continue to say that old joke... no matter, at least I'm not a nigger.

Update: In case you didn't see it coming - Stacy and Adam - the green team A.K.A the black team got voted off the first episode.... because they were the 'strongest'...aka...whatever, i'm going to bed...

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