Tuesday, December 22, 2009

....just thinking....

Today, I ran across this poem I sat aside almost a year ago, it was like finding a twenty in my jeans pocket:

Show me the suffering of the most miserable;
So I will know my people's plight.
Free me to pray for others;
For you are present in every person.
Help me take responsibility for my own life;
So that I can be free at last.
Grant me courage to serve others;
For in service there is true life.
Give me honesty and patience;
So that the Spirit will be alive among us.
Let the Spirit flourish and grow;
So that we will never tire of the struggle.
Let us remember those who have died for justice;
For they have given us life.
Help us love even those who hate us;
So we can change the world.
prayer of the farm workers' struggle - césar e. chávez
I am aware that reading poetry is boring. Full disclosure? Sorry Tasha (and you knew this), I think reading poetry is boring for the most part, unless it is Pablo Neruda....oh the onion poem is divine!! But this one touched me. I read every single line wishing that the people who governed for us, supervised over us, loved and befriended us would take it into their hearts and make real those thoughts and feelings that express the inherent divinity that is concerned first with those around us and then the self. I suppose what I mean by all of this is that, honestly, I hate my boss. Incompetent, spiteful, bitter, discriminating old woman.

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