Monday, December 28, 2009

Why are so many Black woman single?

So I'm going to post this to start the conversation. Watch it, think it over and don't cry...


  1. Where can one black single female, like myself begin to comment on this topic?
    I know that the main reason I am single is because I am picky with my taste in men. I am trying to work on choosing men I would be interested in based on less superficial reasons.
    Some people may think I am a very attracive woman and would kill to be able to pick and choose almost any man they want.

    That leads me to my 2nd reason for being single, lack of confidence! Firstly, everyone is afraid of rejection. I would rather miss out on a great catch than get my feelings hurt.
    I could keep the list going but, I will save the rest for theraphy!

    Overall, in 2010 I am focusing less on a man's imperfections (to a cert. Extent) and more on his character, personality and our compatibility. He doesn't have to look like Denzel but,
    I need to find at least one thing physically attracive about him that catches my eye. Lastly, I just really need to be respected, loved and feel appreciated when In a relationship. With at least those
    three things the possibilities for a lasting relationship are solidified.

    Miss Independent

  2. Please excuse any typos in my last comment, sent from my blackberry!

    Miss A

  3. There is a long list of reasons, but I'll start with this one. Figure out what you need out of a relationship and what you want. If a man is providing all you need be happy and show him how much you appreciate it.