Saturday, December 12, 2009

Random Musings...

Paris is an odd city. There are these moments of force intimacies because the everything is so tiny - the subway, the elevators, the apartments - and yet the people don't like to talk to one another. I'm not making this up - oh, also French people love to explain themselves. So I learned last night that french people have very closed societies, so many people only hang out with people they already know and rarely add new people. So if you're a foreigner it is very hard to become integrated - a lonely city as I New York so different though?

Last night I had my first taste of a night out in was wonderful. I had drinks across the street from the Louve - seriously...the mona lisa was across the street and downstairs??? Apparently the louve is under ground...we started in Saint - Paul where I learned how to take the metro....I was trying to get that french je ne se quio thing with the dressing. There is a rule written somewhere that everything is centered (if I hear chic one more time...) around BLACK....everywhere, black, scarfs, and knee boots....its a uniform.

Here are my new friends.

And trying to get home after a night out is trecherous!!! The metro closes down and then you can't get a frinkin cab. Everyone was outside just cussing in french. We finally started walking and I heard someone cussing in english -- so I ran over and was like you speak english??? Americans of course..."How do you get a frikin cab??" She had no idea and couldn't even get her hotel to call her one...dam - its going to be a long, cold, cobble stone impeded walk home.

Needless to say, we finally got one twenty minutes later and it was worth the wait. Our cab driver gave us a lecture on why french women were so horrible and I quote, "Why must they be in control? they have everything but, you know, the man parts!! Are they like that in New York?" he asked. I had to inform him, sadly, that they were far worse...sorry..its true. Then he gave us a lecture on how the mayor of paris was gay (we were driving pass his palace - it was that big) and then, pointing to a gay couple making out, he remarks, "You see that? Never! If god said you want to be God of the country, with much money, and many women? You also be gay I say no, no way. But its here (pointing to his forearm) its in your blood you know -- you can't just decide to be gay, you're born that way."

I ask you. You tell me. Is there any better way to end the night than with a genetic lesson by a french cabbie? Of course not and so on that note... this american in paris dragged her bottom inside.


  1. you look soo o paris chic! (which is not too different from your NYC chic look...but I digress)

  2. your new friends look cool. i'm jealous.