Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Common can't come to the white house???

So have you heard about the hubub about Common being (dis)invited to the White House??? Republicans are pissed because of the content of his lyrics in the poem he is supposed to perform "Letter to the Law"...a letter to cops...sooo you have some idea of what he says. 

I kinda agree with the Republicans on this one - if only they weren't masking a blob of racism behind their calls for concern and fairness about what the white house represents.

Common has the right to say what he wants - in this case he is speaking truth to power about the oppressive regime that the police around the country (the world?) rain onto people of color and other groups that are perceived as politically powerless and less able to protect themselves from their corruption - but he has to be responsible for what he says. The white house represents all of us and I would hate for the bush white house to be allowed to invite a person who openly says negative things about the groups that I inhabit (as if they would care about my feeling and dems would bother to do anything about it).

I wish that this move would be a herald of republicans stating that they too will now be responsible for the things that come out of their months and things that are presented in their news media -- like 'accidently' putting Obama dead instead of Osama dead...

But it isn't. They are just as disingenuous as ever spewing and whipping their racism about without consequence...while we sit around laughing at Lisa Lampanelli's (harmless) jokes....

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