Tuesday, September 6, 2011

and so week 2 begins....

You know what I hate about new things? New things. I know what you are thinking right...that Rebekah loves news things. Specifically, new places, new things, new people, new shoes...You would be right.


I hate school. Not exactly the reading (that part I love). Recently, I have gotten annoyed at having to meet new people, and I have gotten annoyed at having to speak well in class, and overall I have gotten annoyed at generally have uncertainty surrounding me. Again I hear you saying that I love that stuff...You would be right.


I don't feel that way. I don't feel the confidence and excitement anymore(today..right now). I just feel like there is way too much at stake for me to possibly be able to meet the defined obligations. What the hell? I know, what am I talking about?  Say I do all this and remain mediocre and get a mediocre job - what a waste of frickin money! This post is sadly off the dome and reflecting my anxious mind. 

I will be more clear.  I haven't gotten my reading completely done for my third class and I was late to class even though I left my house on time. Late twice. For the same class. Now I have this niggling thought that my professor hates me. I need some freaking therapy. I wish I could treat my damself.
Essentially, placement has not started so I feel like how could everything not be completed if I had three mostly full days off? I'm going to get on the ball I hope. shaking my head at myself. to steal a phrase.

that is all.

[Wait. I just read my bbf's blog and she bring a interesting idea to the forefront...I may be pmsing. That shit is real in the field...(more on that later)]

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