Thursday, September 8, 2011

I can't be radical anymore

Have you ever been in the position of thinking about doing something radical like quitting your job and going back to school? Well if you were to ask me if you should do it - here is what my response will be...

Do not do it.
Don't do it.

It's hard to advocate staying in a boring dead end job, but I am going to do it. Here is why. Work equals freedom. Responsibility...but really freedom. I am not free, my life and it's stability as a student is not stable and based upon the stability of other people whose lives and job are not in jeopardy should my needs not be met. For example, Say my current employer forgets to pay me, or forgets to sign the paperwork to pay me...that is slavery and against the law...Thus it will be rectified as soon as possible and someone may even get chewed our for that kind of mistake.

As a student, however, you but a modern day serf and your life can be fucked up by something as simple as a a failure to make a phone call and tell you that your financial aide has been denied.

So the majority of my financial aide has been denied and I cannot pay my rent. Should it have been denied? I have not qualms on the opinion of CUNY that CUNY student should live a certain type of way... "As opposed to some private schools in the city" as the financial aide counselor so unhelpfully mentioned to me. Obvously I do have a problem with the class and racial implications of who and how the city thinks its public students should survive in direct contrast to how we students actually live (assumming we all live at home? in public houseing? classist much NYC? etc.) . But that is for a never post since I don't want to reflect on the tentacles of government in my life... I do have  a serious qualm with the idea that, although the feds approved my loan, NYC says that I have no right to that amount of money regardless of the fact that it could drive me out of school and into the unemployment roles. Huh?

So as you can see? DO NOT take that leap. Stay safe, cozy and fed at your job. DO Not think of doing better through the radical attempt. Simply work your ass off until you prematurely gray, take 20 years to get your degree and then one day faaaar in the future you make reap the rewards of your non-sacrafice.

I swear I'm not being (completely) facisous. I'm going to play angry birds and forget my responsibilites now -- seriously, I am. Rio version. get it.

And since the lady who just sat down next to me smells like mildewed sneaker in a dark, damp gym locker this post is over.

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