Tuesday, December 14, 2010

dudes cry and other crap...

Kathy Lee and Hoda weighed in this morning on men crying. Not that they are a credible source - not Kathy Lee anyway...her politics are screwed. Poor Hoda obviously was supposed to be a real journalist but took the cash instead - I have no hate for the choice - money is important, her platform is going to massive compared to mine :).

So with the John Bayner cry episode on 60 Minutes everyone is talking about it...men crying that is. They showed Clinton and Bush and others in power doing it - didn't seem  weak to me... And thus revealed my true queasiness with it. That dude was broke with no clear ambition and was turning 40 and owned nothing - now that isn't his goal in life mind you, he is intent on leaving the country to escape the strictures of the capitalistic ideology that retards our spiritutality, I think that's what he meant to say anyway.

So I say all that to say that he was a loser ANYWAY and thus the crying was simply the icing on top of a melting, mushy, fruit filled (not a gay reference, I hate fruit filling and therefore I am trying to convery my ick factor) pathmark cake with whipped topping...(the worse). Oddly though - - Miss Patty still likes him...*shrugs shoulders.

(Sheepish face)

Other crap.

How do you feel about the hard press? The 'you're fly, I'm fly, we should have babies someday' press? (Shaking my head knowingly, yup that move is hot) Hell yeah baby - that's what I'm talking about. No worries I've heard it before I'm not losing my head...yet.

(Rocking Erykah - Fall in Love with me (You're Funeral)) 

Erykah I wish I had voodoo you do. I just listen and wonder what I'd do with all that pussy power...hehehe (bookmark).

So I will let you get back to work...but I'm questioning whether to do the annual birthday post... aka I need to do, I should do, blah blah blah my future, blah blah. I think the multiple 'blahs' convey my feelings on it happening.

(hmm mmm Jaheim...'I gotta a job and a trainer' Jaheim - not 'harlem thug how'd you really get that escalade' Jaheim...."Gotta find my way back" is not good for the focus. You know what I mean... *side eye)

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