Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I always, smugly, shake my head in affirmation when people talk about how crazy their families are, the craziness of the holidays, and their dread at the prospect of being cooped up in a confined space for untold hours with their kin -- but I don't really identify with the sentiment. My family isn't fucked up - well Kim is...more on that later - we're ...quirky. I know now, intellectually, that my mother is a ...whats the name of the thingy....not a pack rat...a hoarder. Yeah, not as bad as the people on the show (which I watch with apprehension - it's so sad, really...sad) but more like I never pick anything up, or never hang anything up or never put that folded pile of laundry in the actual a matter of fact, she most likely never got the laundry out of the dryer in the  first place.

I am prepared for this madness. I said intellectually. Emotionally somewhere in a small tiny dark room in my heart I'm still pissed, annoyed, embarrassed and angry.

Well these motherfuckers decided to ruin my dam thanksgiving.

About two weeks ago my nephew[son of aforemention Kim, also older sister of mine] ran away. That's what I'm calling it. He just..never came home one day. Yes, he is 21 BUT he is legally blind, has cerebral palsy, and one leg is shorter than the other. All you morbid people can laugh now - I probably boss laughed when I told her about him. Fucked up right?

So he isn't independent in any sense of the word. He moved to his girlfriends aunts house to sleep on the couch -- for real. So he hated  wanted to get away from his mother so much that he and his blind girlfriend would rather sleep on a couch than wait and get assisted living for the blind. I have mentioned my opinions on my sister child rearing skills previously and to catch you blind nephew who has cerebral palsy ran away to sleep on his girlfriend aunts couch. enough said? okay.

Short and sweet. I spend my dam thanksgiving cleaning my mothers back room so that my nephew could move in. After we went to the house and saw that this bitch was crazy, and ghetto, and crazy (did I mention the boyfriend from jail who was coming home in December? no? well...yeah) we moved his shit pronto.

Sigh. My family is crazy. When I go home to NYC I can leave it behind and BE who I choose. But going home is a bitch.

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  1. Damn Sis I did not know that, my prayers are with your guys, I didn't know it was that bad I hope he will be happier there. :)