Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!!


its 12:16. sadly...i'm not a steep 32. fortunately i hang with old people so they assure me i'm not old yet. i'm kinda out of shape right now - i hope i can get my mojo back soon.

 i'm looking forward to reading, and loving, and moving, and writing, and friending, and familing, and perming, and running, and cutting, and shopping, and caressing, and painting, and caring, and debating, and movieing, and 'ocho'ing and...italying.

Lord bless me to be able to do those things, bless me to keep my family safe and healthy, and all that good shit i don't have time to talk about.

Off to bed so I can be prepared for the spa.

Love you and thank you for reading.

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