Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dating and Blogging...

Let's be real here -
I spend a great deal of time entertaining you guys with my dating tales. I tell you stories and give them names and generally roast them behind their backs. But it is quite safe to go about calling a grown man (a short grown man with soft hands) 'candles' behind his back on a blog that no one knows about -- on purpose. It's a release for me because I get to reveal myself while working out my issues in a humorous way..

However: What if you are dating someone who knows about your blog -- and reads it?

He didn't read it!!! #failuretosupport

VSB just wrote a post about all the arguments he has gotten into blogging while dating. Since I'm not a relationship blogger I have less pressure but I do feel like my hands are tied (and not in the good way. pause).  So now I have to go inside and work things out in my head and you all know that is a complicated place.  Writing forces your ideas into a ordered form whereas, in my brain, my thoughts float around reckless - covered in complications, selfishness, old angers, dreams, desires and other crazy shit -- but in the sentence there is literally no room for all that shit and thus -- revelations and shit -- revealed.

For me anyway.

Now let me say this: This dude in the past rarely revealed himself - or at least in a way that I could identify - I'm sure it happened but it wasn't on the level I was at, so I always felt like I was out on emotional  cliff alone. Now, he says he's grown and changed and able to share his emotional core...But I still have the shakes on that issue. Thus, I'm reluctant to be open all by  myself again -- you feel me? I don't want my happy self all over this blog for the world and him -- okay, all 3 of you -- to see while he chills. Feel me?
Honestly I don't think I have an issue with revelation and taking that first step but go first again? hmmmm

(Where is my burn cream?)

OMG - You won't believe what JUST came on the radio..............................
Roberta Flack ft. Donny Hathaway's

"Back together again" -- that is hilarious...right? Universe. Sense of humour. etc. etc. 



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