Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines DAY!!!!

On this Monday morning, I think it appropriate to to remark on things that get on my fucking nerves like having to get up in the morning. Why the hell? And why isn't Monday "Tuesday"? I shouldn't have to be here until tomorrow -- seriously. Next, why the 'sex you down R "why did he pee in that little girls face' Kelly' session on the radio-- I mean even if you're juiced for a bit of tapping this morning...aren't you getting your tired ass up for work?? Whatever the reason (there isn't one) the shit isn't cool to do to the 95% of the people who are at work.

Next, I think my roommates have a running joke on me -- I"m certain they discuss something like matter what time she gets up, no matter how early -- let's tag team the shower so she can be late..Can someone explain to me how the fuck you can shower at 945 one day but 8am another? you skizord mutherfuckers. And on that note will EVERYONE please stop making reverse turns in front of me -- I'm not saying you should know where you are at all times (you should know where you are at all times) but could you step to the side so other people who googled before leaving can get where they are going ON TIME...

and lastly...little Spanish man in the knew I was coming in to buy my pulp free Tropicana orange juice sometime between 9 and 11am, explain to me why you decided to load up the refrigerator even though it was already full? Please get out of my way. I saved my most vitriolic thoughts for my supervisor, as you were no doubt already expecting; She knows I'm on a diet right? Why did that motherfucker buy the expensive sugar cookies that I always wanted from Whoelfoods and leave them next to the swipe in know I can't not eat that. Fucked up and so delicious...

and ain't that a blip..went to the bathroom only to discover that the fucking incompetents from GAP left the dam plastic theft deterring tag on my splurge shirt from a month am I supposed to get this off without a receipt....wear it around all day?

Despite all of the impediments to my morning calmness, I had a great Valentines day...spent waaaay too much money... for some reason I think I'm on holiday from life when he's around -- dishes don't get done, bathroom is atrocious, and when did I last mop my floor? No frickin idea...

I am, however, going to have a great weekend, the girls and I are getting together for healthly dinner and movies on friday and then surprise date on saturday night with the guy - and...It's a pay week! So I finish my the last of my bills and I'm sending out my last two applications! Somebody let me in!!! Damn it!!!

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