Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentines Day...

Often I enjoy chillin with my co-worker until about January 28th,
(pour the appleton+grape soda -- don't sleep) (don't blog and appleton either)

because then he starts browsing the net for shoes or bags or whatever expensive gift he is getting his girl of upmteen years. Our daily visit to gilt and ruelala are now focused on lingerie, dinner coupons and what not. Don't panic - it doesn't send me into a pit of despair -- it's just an annoying that student loan email.

     "Hi there! Don't forget to give us your whole check this week...toodles!"

Last last year I got a bear. It was like 50 bucks. Why do I know that? Tasteless. Why didn't teddy bear buyer know that I despise stuffed animals??? Do I look like a person  who would like teddy bears?

she likes stuffed animals
No. No I do not.

So then what's going to happen this year? Dunno. I can't decide if Valentines day means anything to me. I suppose you have an obligation to say ur doing something... Occasionally the girls hang together, chill out, drink, enjoy ourselves -- but there is a underlying spirit, a forced congregation to the gathering -- we ARE going to get together to have SOMETHING to do on THIS day.  It never felt less than though, I always enjoy quality time with the girls.

So ideally, were I to be in a long term, like my co-worker, I'd like v-day to be one of many days (everyday :)) where my partner and I express our love for each other.  I'd hate v-day to be the ONE obligatory day my imaginary partner and I show love...ack* kill me.

I am dating a young man right now, as you well know...


I've never done that before (and want to desperately) -- wonder if it'd be welcomed...(thoughtful)...too much?

What are you doing for v-day? Wanna hang out????

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