Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I have plans for my life...

really I do.
the next stage is going to be awe.some.
all i have to do is write a 4-6 page paper.
or rather, rewrite the 8 page paper i've already written.
today is wednesday.
did you know that?
i thought it was tuesday this morning.
tonight's tv lineup is Top Chef and Iron Man.
i totally left my earphones home and couldn't go to the gym.
but i can go tomorrow.
i just finished watching Globetrotter, my favorite show.
it was on Madrid.
Ugh, going to go there.
almost made me give up on my desire to learn french.
i could work on my broken spanish instead.
that's a thought. i still wanna go back to france.
that would be cool.

entitled*: "On procrastination"

*or it would be were I a poet and if this were a poem.

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