Monday, January 3, 2011

Revelation is a stingy master...

Today I realized that the human spirit is a fount of strength, a reservoir of get up and go, if you will. It is a mirror of truth within which one can turn to when the evil in the world tell you lies.

They say you are pretty but not beautiful.
They say you are worthless, a bitch.
You are fat and unlovable.
You are too skinny and not sexy anymore.
You don't give enough, love hard enough.
You are arrogant, too confident, "not as fly as you think".
You have a mouth on must like weak men.
You belong behind someone else, a husband perhaps?
You can have it all from me...but first you must give everything with no assurances.
She is better than you.
You are stupid.
This, he, is the best you can do.
Infidelity its what they do, make peace with it and be happy.
You ask for too much, more than you are worth.
You are impossible to please.

When you and I stand up in defiance of a soul killer, the strength in our knees is invisible. Like the heat flowing from the top of a flame, our hearts beat with indignation, with defiance at what our spirit identifies, reveals, calls out as a lie against the love of the universe that created me, and created you. I finally realize why my mom, all moms say, God loves you. God would not bother loving something that is worthless.

So if the soul has the power to save, to be a soothsayer, what is our fate should...when... the spirit be broken, withered, starved - murdered?

How do we feed the soul? How do we heal the soul? How do we resurrect the dead?

I'm starting to understand the images and the due time, I suppose.

A deadly situation for a people, a person, you and me.

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