Friday, January 28, 2011

Thank you

I was reading someone else blog..or saw a t-shirt..or something..
It said, my real friends read my blog.
I never express this but I live it.

I know you read because you mentioned something I wrote but more importantly you told me I wrote something well. Some of you will read this this weekend, others (hey lela) won't read this for a month - - but you will read it.

That means way more to me than you realize. I just completed my paper and gave it to my mentor and I liked what I wrote and I was not embarrassed by what I submitted.

That's because you were silent when I sucked :) hehehe and praiseful when I was good and that helped me find and refine my writers voice. You can't pay for that (I'll buy you a drink - if you mention this post though....) that's priceless -- or cost alot of liquor (do we drink too much??). blessing abound...all around.


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